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50 +/- Anti Aging DAY CREAM

The Fifty Plus Minus Line: The Best Products For The Best Age


Our age is written on our face, especially through clear signs such as deep wrinkles. However, other signs of aging such as dehydrating, age spots, pores, redness erythrosis and more also leave their marks on the skin.


Absolute Care is proud to introduce a scientifically developed line of cosmetic products that provide the complete solution for mature skin from the aspects of:


  • -- Restoring the functionality of young skin
  • -- Generating excellent anti wrinkle effect
  • -- Giving energy to tired skin cells
  • -- Stimulating Collagen production
  • -- Proliferating fibroblast cells.




Anti-Aging Day Cream was developed to protect facial skin, delay its aging and significantly improve the overall appearance.


By extending the lifespan of skin cells, the Day Cream postpones age marks, firms and lifts the tissues.

Moreover, the Day Cream contains strong active-ingredients which decrease wrinkle depth and other age signs, such as spots and redness.


The Day Cream assists the skin to rejuvenate more effectively, while providing maximum protection and nourishment.


The skin becomes softer and more flexible, with a fresher and healthier appearance.



50 ml