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Olive Oil Salt Scrub

Organic Ocean - Anti Aging Products, Organic Certified Products
Enriched with advanced bio-marine ingredients
Beauty, Health & Purity from the deep ocean!


Organic Ocean is proud to introduce an innovative line of organic certified products based on ingredients from the ocean. In the depth of the ocean, a variety of Algae grow in extreme environmental conditions. Due to these conditions such as: UV exposure, temperature variations, pressure changes, the algae had to develop unique survival mechanisms in order to survive. It was discovered by researchers that both human skin and algae cell membranes have isolation similarities in their function, and as a result, the algae can be used to protect, nourish and improve skin protection and appearance.
Organic Ocean invites you to enjoy the qualities of these amazing algae, and experience unique beauty and health!




Bio-Marine Technology


A remarkable and organic certified cleansing scrub, enriched with Sea salts and organic certified Olive oil.


The scrub grains remove dead and worn-out cells, giving your skin smooth look and velvet touch.

The essential oils inspire a sense of ease and relaxation for a long time.


Enriched also with Vitamin E.


Recommended use:

Massage all over your body during bathing, once to twice a week. For optimal result it is recommended to use organic body butter after bathing.



420 gr