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CHISTOTEL multipurpose treatment cream

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Chistotiel-Multipurpose treatment cream 


70 ml


For all skin types. Especially for irritated, reddish skin


Contains a unique combination of plant extracts, natural essential oils & vitamin E. The cream is designed to treat extreme skin conditions, where the skin becomes very irritated, reddish, dry, sensitive & itchy.

The key ingredients in the cream are a specific for the treatment of persistent inflammatory skin conditions, where softening and calming of the skin is much needed. The cream's powerful antu-oxidant activity helps accelerate skin-cell regeneration and speed-up wound healing. T

he cream treats, soothes and protects the skin, keeping it calm, soft, smooth and healthy.

Contains natural active ingredients: greater celandine, chamomile, sea-buckthorn, marigold and vitamin E.