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Sea Buckthorn Moisturizing Face Cream

Iten No. 1807


Увлажняющий анти-эйджинговый дневной крем подходит для всех видов кожи.

Помогает защитить кожу от ущерба, наносимого окружающей средой, а также устраняет возрастные морщины.

Не содержит вредных химических веществ вызывающих раздражений. Подходит для кожи лица, шеи и около глаз.

Содержит фильтры вредного излучения, облепиховое масло, анти-эйджинговые масла и масло зерен граната. Обеспечивают кожу антиоксидантами, а также натуральными витаминами и минералами.




Moisturizing day cream for the face, eyes and neck. It contains vitamins, minerals, and natural anti-oxidants with biological UV block protection.





- Natural hypoallergenic cream, chemical substances free to prevent irritations.

- Manufactured by advanced technology, paraben (preservatives), mineral oil, chemical colors and fragrance free).

- Suitable for all skin types, including the delicate area around the eyes. It is advised to apply facial serum before the cream for dry skin.

- Contains anti-aging oils which delay the aging of the skin and reinforce its resistance to climate damages.

- Daily use assists the treatment of existing wrinkles, prevent the appearance of new wrinkles and improves loose skin.

- Perfectly absorbed, and suitable as a make-up foundation.



Active Ingredients:



Sea Buckthorn Oil

The oil consists of a high concentration of vitamin E and derivatives, vitamin A and its derivatives, vitamin C and fruit acids, vitamin K, vitamin B, Carotenoids, bioflavonoids, amino acids, essential fatty acids, sugar alcohol.

This is one of the most effective oils for rehabilitating the skin and especially the face skin. Therefore, it is known as the "king of anti aging" for its significant contribution to improving the appearance of existing wrinkles and delaying the appearance of new wrinkles.


Pomegranate Seed Oil

Oil rich in antioxidants, iron, vitamins and minerals. Contains a unique fatty acid called Punicic Acid which is renowned for its many healing attributes: active antioxidant, fighting various skin infections, acceleratesepidermal cell renewal, and lightening skin stains.


Jojoba Oil

Pure oil that bears resemblance to the skin. It does not contain triglycerides which may block pores. It contains of a wide variety of vitamins and minerals which are essential for maintaining the skin's elasticity, preventing skin loosening and contributing to slowing down the process of developing the wrinkles.


Evening Primrose Oil

The oil is extracted from the seeds. It is very rich in amino acids, proteins, linoleic acid,gamma linoleicacid and calcium.

Provides the building blocks to skin cells to rehabilitate it, and soothes sensitivities and skin irritations.


Borage Oil

This oil is very helpful for rehabilitation of dry and sensitiveskin, since it is rich in essential fatty acids: Omega 6, Omega 9, oleic acid and palmitic acid. It is very rich in minerals and especially in potassium.


Rosa Canina Oil

An oil which is rich in active fatty acids which maintainsan evenbalanceofmoisturethroughout theskin.


Calendula Extract

An anti-inflammatory extract produced from the plant's flowers and quickens the renewal of cells. It is an essential ingredient to many stages of the skin cell cycle. The extract contains anti-oxidants: flavonoids and carotenoids, organic acids, calcium, and vitamin C.


Aloe Vera Gel

Soothes itching and redness, anti-inflammatory effect.


50 ml