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Sea Buckthorn Deodorant for Men

Natural roll-on deodorant, aluminum, alcohol and fragrance free.

Harmoniously works with the body to inhibit undesirable perspiration odors (is not an anti-perspirant).



Does not contain aluminum, propylene glycol, chemical fragrances free, which cause skin irritation
Pleasantly Lavender scented, suitable for adults and youth for daily use
Effectively neutralizes perspiration odor for long periods of time.


Active Ingredients

Sea Buckthorn Oil
The oil consists of a high concentration of vitamin E and derivatives, vitamin A and its derivatives, vitamin C and fruit acids, vitamin K, vitamin B, Carotenoids, bioflavonoids, amino acids, essential fatty acids, sugar alcohol.
This is one of the most effective oils for rehabilitating the skin cells and protection against irritations.


Tea Tree Oil
Antiseptic substance which acts against bacteria which decompose the perspiration to inhibit the undesirable odors.


Lavender Oil
An antiseptic oil that contributes to the skin's health and its resistance to infections.


Calendula Extract
Antiseptic oil that protects the skin.


Aloe Vera Gel
Soothes the skin and adds moisture.

Contains: 90 ml


Мужской шариковый дезодорант, не содержит алюминия, алкоголя, парабенов, ароматираторов и химических красителей.

Включает облепиховое масло, масло чайного дерева, экстракт лаванды, календулы и ромашки.

Помогает бороться с различными выделениями и раздражениями, подходит для ежедневного использования.