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Sea Buckthorn Intimate Hygiene Soap without S.L.S. - 500 ml

NEW 500 ml bottle


Item No. 1876


Идеально подходит для нежной кожи тела и интимной гигиены. Уникальная формула с низким уровнем кислотности 4.5 pН.
Содержит облепиховое масло, масло чайного дерева, масло лаванды и миндальное масло.



Рекомендуется женщинам для ежедневной личной гигиены.
Является дополнительным уходом при лечении.
Поддерживает естественную кислотность в интимных местах.
Придает ощущение чистоты и свежести в "критические дни".
Подходит для женщин после родов.




Fine natural soap, free from S.L.S (Sodium Lauryl / Laureth Sulfate) a chemical foaming substance for daily intimate wash
S.L.S is a chemical foaming substance which can be found in most of the liquid soaps and shampoos. Scientific studies showed that this substance is likely to cause damage to the hair follicles and result in the formation of pimples, cause various irritations to the body skin, the scalp and eyes.
The intensity of irritation grows as the concentration of this substance in the product and the duration of contact with the skin is greater.
It is advisable to avoid using products which contain these substances when the respective product is intended for continuous daily use, such as shampoo and soap.



 - pH 4.5 that is suitable for daily use.
 - Assists to protect from secretion and irritations in the intimate area.
 - Neither contains damaging substances nor irritates the skin.
 - A very efficient complementary treatment during medicinal treatment of the Candida fungus and secretions.
 - Maintains the natural moisture and acidity of the intimate area during daily use.
 - Provides a pleasant feeling of cleanliness and freshness during menstruation.
 - Suitable for women after giving birth.
 - Helps ease throughout treatment of hemorrhoids and anal fissure.
 - Helps to treat urinary tract inflammations.


Active Ingredients:


Sea Buckthorn Oil
The oil consists of a high concentration of vitamin E and derivatives, vitamin A and its derivatives, vitamin C and fruit acids, vitamin K, vitamin B, Carotenoids, bioflavonoids, amino acids, essential fatty acids, sugar alcohol.
This is one of the most effective oils in rehabilitating skin tissues and protecting mucosal tissues from fungus and infections that cause inflammations.

Tea Tree Oil

Lavender Oil

Calendula Extract

Chamomile Extract


500 ml