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Sea Buckthorn Foot Cream

                                                                    NEW!      Item No. 1882      200 ml



Подходит для сухих, потрескавшихся ступней, успокаивает зуд на ступнях ног и в паху.
Благоприятно действует на кожу ног после эпиляции.
Успокаивает покрасневшую и раздраженную кожу и препятствует врастанию волос.
Активные вещества: концентрированное чистое облепиховое масло, восстанавливающее и обновляющее пострадавшие ткани. Кроме того, крем содержит масло хохобы, масло энотеры, масло бурачника, календулу и алоэ.
Способ применения: при необходимости наносить на кожу ног или любой другой участок кожи.




Natural cream packed in a convenient pump packaging for dry and cracked feet.




-  Delicate texture, excellent absorption and pleasant fragrance.

- Suitable for dry, cracked and itching feet.

- Excellent for treatment of jock itch in the crotch area.

- Advised to apply along the leg after hair plucking and laser treatments.

- Soothes redness and prevents intrusive hair growth of that creates pimples.

- Suitable for diabetics.



Active Ingredients:


Sea BuckthornOil

The oil consists of a high concentration of vitamin E and derivatives, vitamin A and its derivatives, vitamin C and fruit acids, vitamin K, vitamin B, Carotenoids, bioflavonoids, amino acids, essential fatty acids, sugar alcohol.

This is one of the most effective oils for rehabilitating the skin and especially the face skin. Therefore, it is known as the "king of anti aging" for its significant contribution to improving the appearance of existing wrinkles and delaying the appearance of new wrinkles.


Jojoba Oil

Pure oil that bears resemblance to the skin, does not contain triglycerides which might block pores. It contains a wide range of vitamins and minerals that are essential for maintaining the elasticity of the skin, preventing limpness of skin and contribute to slowing down the wrinkling of skin.


Evening Primrose Oil

The oil is extracted from the seeds. It is very rich in amino acids, proteins, linoleic acid,gamma linoleic acid and calcium.

Provides the building blocks to skin cells to rehabilitate it, and soothes sensitivities and skin irritations.


Borage Oil

This oil is very helpful for rehabilitation of dry and sensitive skin, since it is rich in essential fatty acids: Omega 6, Omega 9, oleic acid and palmitic acid. It is very rich in minerals and especially in potassium.


Calendula Extract

Anti inflammatory extract produced from the plants flowers. It quickens the renewal of cells. It is essential for many stages through the life span of skin cell. The extract contains anti oxidants, including flavonoids and carotenoids, organic acids, calcium, vitamin C.


Aloe Vera Gel

Relieves and soothes itching and redness, anti inflammatory effect.