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Therapeutic Hand cream for Dry & Extra-dry Skin

Scientifically formulated from natural components, this therapeutic hand lotion

helps reduce dryness, redness, visible age signs.



It protects skin from daily environmental damage.



A unique combination of natural oils, butters, plant extracts, coenzymes,

UVA/UVB filters, atioxidants, and vitamins.



  • Provides instant and lasting hydration


  • repairs extra-dry, irritated, inflamed, and cracked skin


  • Helps reduce redness and irritation


  • Protects from UV rays, cold weather, winds, water exposure, and harsh soaps


  • Supports visibly younger looking skin


  • Leaves hands soft, smooth, and with a pleasant scent



Sea Buckthorn +


+ Shea Butter

+ Manuka Honey

+ Golden Seaweed

+ Nourishing Oils

+ Vitamins









100 ml